About Us

Commodore Express Inc. is a temperature-controlled and dry freight carrier founded in 1998 with primary lanes from the middle Tennessee area to the west, northwest and return. 

Our equipment is the latest space saver 53’ air ride trailers and late model “condo” style tractors.  Our commitment to providing superior service to our customers includes an ongoing maintenance contract with a national full service leasing company which guarantees that in the event of a truck breakdown, our units will be up and running or substituted with a replacement tractor within five hours.  This allows us to maintain a very impressive on-time service record.  At Commodore Express, Inc. we take pride in our performance level and feel that this sets us apart from our competition.  All of our tractors are equipped with satellite GPS tracking which allows us to monitor each load and maintain continuous contact with our drivers.  We also utilize Thermo King Smart Reefers to move our customer’s product.  These units take advantage of the latest technology available in refrigerated transport while being extremely simple to operate.  This simplicity reduces the chances of erroneous temperature settings. 

Timely Delivery
In order to ensure timely delivery for our customers, we run team operations on our long haul trips and only use company drivers.  This eliminates the increased transit time by single driver operations imposed by the new hour of service rules.  We have many husband and wife teams that have lengthy tenure with our company and many years of driving experience.  This allows us to deliver in the southern California region within thirty six hours of departing middle Tennessee and we can provide less than forty eight hour service to the northwest. 


Having safe, professional, and courteous drivers behind the wheel of every Commodore Express tractor is no coincidence considering our rigid hiring practices.  Furthermore, our management staff is dedicated to providing continuous education in all areas of safety.  It is our belief that safety is a team effort and requires stringent standards to ensure that your freight and our resources arrive safely to their destination.

At the heart of our administrative processing is a state of the art computer system which quickly and accurately provides information on billing, receivables, and deliveries allowing us to operate with unparalleled efficiency.

Best Rates
In today’s market, shippers are faced with greater demands and tighter constraints than ever before.  CEI Logistics, a division of Commodore Express, can assist you with these increased challenges by reducing your transportation costs.  Many of today’s larger carriers have set profit levels which they are required to meet and this “cost of doing business” is passed to the shippers.  CEI Logistics has contracts signed with hundreds of smaller carriers that do not have the overhead and corporate profit expectations that are passed along by the big carriers.  We also monitor lane rates on a daily basis to ensure our customers receive the best available rate to move their goods.  Whether it’s fresh produce coming out of California or magazines going to Florida, we know the rates and can pass the savings to our shippers.